Champagne and gold marshmallows
Photo via Wondermade / Facebook

Wondermade, a marshmallow company based out of Orlando, Florida, is selling Champagne-cooked marshmallows hand-covered in 24-karat edible gold. You heard me. Gold. Champagne. Marshmallows.

A single order comes with 4 ounces of decadence broken into 16 marshmallows, and it costs $24. Now, you might be thinking that $6 an ounce for some marshmallow is a lot, but this isn’t your roast-over-the-fire marshmallow. This is the type of marshmallow that will have you believing 24-karat magic is in the air.

Wondermade says that each bite of the ‘mallow “is light as air and makes for a truly indulgent treat.” It’s no $1,000 box of chocolates, but it is pretty extravagant. Or, as the New York Times describes them, these “luxurious gold-dusted marshmallows with a soupçon of wine in their flavor deserve to adorn a holiday mince pie, a festive roulade or an ice cream confection.”

“What’s a soupçon?” You might be asking. It’s just how people who can afford Champagne and gold marshmallows say “very small quantity.”

Soupçon and Champagne not your style? Wondermade also has bourbon marshmallows, and Fireball marshmallows, because nothing says party like a box of Fireball and a box of Fireball marshmallows.

Sometimes, when you need elegance, you need  full elegance. Extreme elegance. Nothing too tacky, nothing too extreme elegance. Enter: Wondermade.