We Tried a $1,000 Box of Chocolates-- Here's The Verdict

In other news, you can now buy a box of chocolates with that spare thousand dollars you have lying around your apartment. Forget about paying rent, donating to charity, or buying a flight to Europe. Kreuther Handcrafted Chocolates has teamed up with Patron tequila to release this limited-edition box of extravagant chocolates. As FoodBeast reports, each bar incorporates six different Patron tequilas into the mix. But take the term “bar” lightly — each one is approximately five inches long and a few millimeters thick. While each box contains 24 bars, these ain’t anywhere near the size of your average Hershey bar.

Each box’s contents present six different bars: Albedo, Nigraurum, Cuprium, Nigralbus, Rubedo, and Citrinitas. The bars are crafted with high-end ingredients, such as Tahitian Vanilla and pasilla chiles, and of course, various expressions of Gran Patron (Platinum, Piedra, Burdeos, etc.).

A few days ago, we got our hands on a sample of this physically and financially gluttonous beast. Here’s what happened.

We received a sample of the Albedo, a “luxurious white chocolate with Tahitian Vanilla ganache, raisins oaked in Gran Patron Platinum, with a sable Breton crunch,” and Nigralbus, a “rich milk chocolate with smooth tobacco-infused Gran Patron Piedra ganache with hints of pasilla.” Both bars were broken into eight small pieces so each of our staff members could have their own little lick of luxury.

The results? Surprise, surprise: delicious, but definitely NOT worth the price tag. Yeah, the chocolates were great; gorgeously designed with a glittery paint-splatter look, with strong aromatics, and a soft, balanced mouthfeel between the sugars and liquor. But a thousand dollars? You’ve got to be kidding me. We like a little splurge every once in awhile, but this is just gluttonous, financially and physically, for our personal tastes.

An ironic twist? We had a jar of M&Ms delivered to the office a short while after. The general consensus? If given the choice, we’d prefer to nosh on those little chocolate gems instead. Inexpensive gems, that is.