If allergies and asthma have you down this summer, you might be thinking all of your drinking plans are spoiled. Every time you drink, things seem to get worse. But Andy Whittamore, a doctor who writes for Asthma UK, says there’s a possible solution: just drink gin or vodka.

Gin and vodka won’t cure your asthma and allergies, Whittamore asserts, but it’s a much better option than dark liquors, beer, and wine. The reason why? It all comes down to histamines.

Doctors know “that alcoholic drinks such as beer and wine contain high levels of a chemical called histamine,” Whittamore writes for Asthma UK. “This is what the body makes when it responds to allergies. In fact, we take anti-histamine medicines to stop the symptoms of allergies like hay fever. It is the reason why some people have allergies to alcohol and why some people find their asthma gets worse with alcohol.”

Higher histamines in your drinks mean that you’re more likely to react to an allergy trigger because you’re body is already elevated. But there’s a boozy savior.

“Gin and vodka have low levels of histamine, so switching from beer or wine can be a sensible move,” Whittamore writes.

Will it cure all of your asthma and allergy problems? No. But in moderation that gin drink will make you more relaxed and probably won’t make your allergies any worse. Here’s a big Gin & Tonic toast to that.