Spring is just around the corner, but for those who can’t wait for a little extra warmth, Frank’s RedHot has come out with new canned Bloody Marys to tide you over.

Considering Frank’s is a staple in many Bloody Mary recipes, and given the continued rise of canned cocktails, it makes sense for the hot sauce brand to sell a premixed, ready-to-drink cocktail of its own.

Now available in four-packs, Frank’s Bloody Marys are made with all-natural ingredients, according to the company. And yes, “the alcohol already in it!” as the website enthusiastically asserts — a sessionable 5.5 percent ABV, perfect for brunches at home, tailgates, or weekend day drinking that stretches into the late afternoon.

Of course, homemade Bloody Marys are always an option, but now the time you’ll save not mixing a cocktail can be spent constructing the perfect outrageous garnish for your drink.