The internet blew up earlier this year when Forty Ounce Rosé hit the market, conjuring up college visions of brown-bagged forties. Sister beverage Forty Ounce Muscadet quietly entered the scene at the same time, and now the fall wine we’ve all been waiting for is here: Forty Ounce Red. And of course, it’s made with every wine nerd’s favorite grape: Gamay.

The Forty Ounce Red is made from sustainably-grown, biodynamically-made Gamay grapes from northern France. It’s the brainchild of Patrick Cappiello, sommelier and proprietor of Rebelle in New York City and Walnut St. Cafe in Philadelphia, who partners with French winemaker Julien Braud to create all three Forty Ounce wines. It clocks in at slightly less than 40 ounces (it’s one liter, which is about 33 ounces of wine) and a budget-friendly $16, hitting the shelves officially September 1.

Medium-bodied, low in tannin, and driven by plummy, juicy fruit, the Forty Ounce Red isn’t serious by any means. Just as you might expect, it’s straightforward and meant for chugging. It’s best enjoyed with a chill to increase the drinkability, and the style is a good transition from late summer into fall. Move over, rosé forties – with a new season comes a new wine.

Forty Ounce Red