Crown Royal is expanding its repertoire of ready-to-drink canned cocktails with a new, limited edition Whisky Lemonade.

The citrus cocktail is the fourth addition to Crown Royal’s preexisting lineup of canned drinks, currently composed of ​​Whisky & Cola, Washington Apple, and Peach Tea, released as a trio last March.

The brand is marketing the newcomer as a cocktail suited for warmer weather ahead. “This new, bold flavor is what turns parties into block parties, BBQ’s into neighborhood feasts, making it the perfect choice to enjoy with friends and family this spring and summer,” Crown Royal said in a press release.

Like its counterparts in Crown Royal’s canned drink portfolio, the Whisky Lemonade boasts a 7 percent ABV and a $14.99 price tag for a pack of 4, and is available for a limited time in select stores nationwide.

With its entry into the canned cocktail arena last year, Crown Royal capitalized on the pandemic-driven surge in popularity for RTD cocktails. As consumers retreated indoors and at-home drinking replaced bar-hopping, canned cocktails posed a convenient, no-fuss imbibing experience demanding no prior mixology experience. This newest flavor taps into the recent success of lemonade options in the RTD space.

“At Crown Royal we’re continuously ideating new blends and flavor profiles to meet the evolving tastes of our drinkers,” Crown Royal Vice President Nicky Heckles said in the press release. “The new Whisky Lemonade flavor is the latest innovation that fuses a familiar summertime staple with the boldness of our whisky, providing a fresh take on ready-to-drink cocktails.”