Corona has unveiled its next crowning achievement: Refresca, a new flavored malt beverage (FMB) the company is dubbing a “premium spiked refresher.”

This being Corona, the new FMB of course includes lime in both its flavor offerings: Guava Lime and Passionfruit Lime. According to AdAge, the cocktail-inspired drink will be targeting women aged 25 to 29 years old.

Corona Refresca is one of three new drinks to roll out from Contstellation Brands in the near future, AdAge reports, with a Svedka-branded premium spiked seltzer and a domestic premium beer flavored in bourbon barrels also on the horizon. (Svedka and Corona are both owned by Constellation Brands.)

Constellation Brands’ beer segment is beating out beverage giants Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors, and the spirits giant hopes to dominate the “alternative alcohol” segment as well.

Jim Sabia, chief marketing officer for the beer division at Constellation Brands, said in an interview, “We are coming from a position of strength. We’re winning, so we are going to be disciplined and focused.”

In addition to buying out formerly independent U.S. brewers Ballast Point and Funky Buddha, Constellation is also developing its own “domestic super-premium” beer brands, starting with the “Western Standard” brand, a bourbon barrel-aged, malt-based beer in certain markets, AdAge reports.

The bourbon barrel-aged beer will be a collaboration with Utah-based craft whiskey maker, High West Distillery, which Constellation Brands acquired in 2016.

Of course, Constellation Brands still champions its star pupil, Corona Extra. Corona became the No. 1 beer import in the U.S. in 2017.