Walks, treats, and even specially-brewed beers — there are many ways to show your dog that they really are your best friend. But when it comes to special occasions like birthdays, you might want to go the extra mile. Thanks to BrewDog, now you can.

The Scottish brewery just announced that dog owners can now throw canine birthday parties, or “Pawties,” at their flagship DogTap location in Columbus, Ohio.

For the birthday pup, and each of their four-legged friends, BrewDog will provide dog-sized party hats, dog-friendly cake (sourced from a local pet bakery), and specially-brewed dog beer. The beer, they say, will be freshly brewed on-site from boiled carrots and bananas.

In 2017, Brewdog launched its “paw-ternity” leave program, allowing employees one week paid leave, to welcome new four-legged members to the family. The same year, they also became the first U.K. company to allow dogs to become honorary “shareholders,” and now have 144 pups listed as such.

The brewery says that dogs “have always been central to [their] story,” according to Co-Founder James Watt. “Dogs are as important to us as any of our two-legged craft beer drinking fans. The Dog Pawties service is an extension of our desire to make our bars the most welcoming places for owners as well as their dogs,” Watt says.

If all of this is giving you FOMO, don’t feel down, BrewDog says that humans are welcome too, so long as they’re house-trained.