Ever Want To Drink a Beer With Your Dog? Now You Can

There is an enormous industry founded on the notion that pets can be your friends. Categories of products that come out of this industry are pet food, toys, and, yeah, other stuff to chew on, to name just the most important. Of course, as history unfolds, industries evolve, producing new concepts and products to reinvigorate the market and grab the attention of target, pooch-loving audiences. The newest innovation in the evolution of the canine industry: beer for dogs.

The concept of beer for dogs, created by company Woof and Brew, rides a strange line between “this is an obvious development” and “this is ridiculous.” Although, when thought about, many dog product creations ride this same strange line. But seriously, if dog is man’s best friend – as many would claim–then isn’t it logical that they should be able to kick back, take a load off, and shoot the shit by cracking open a cold one at the end of the day?

Putting aside the entirely superfluous nature of the product, dog beer does have the ability to foster a social bonding experience between the owner and his/her dog. Just imagine it: watching your favorite show or sporting event (Puppy Bowl?) while drinking a brew with your dog. If getting a dog is supposed to create a less lonely atmosphere, then the next step to un-loneliness is clearly drinking with the dog you purchased. And, ideally, crushing a can of non-alcoholic canine beer against your forehead.

Just to clarify, the beer itself has no alcohol or hops. It doesn’t even have carbonation, for god’s sake. So, how is it beer? Well, it really isn’t, though it does contain barley malt. That’s because none of the other ingredients are healthy for dogs to consume (and if you’re buying dog beer, you clearly care about your dog’s quality of life). On top of the barley this “beer” also includes dandelion, flax, and chicken flavoring, making for a concoction that sounds quite delicious…for a dog, and literally no other being on this planet.

And since the beer is sans alcohol, if you and your dog find yourselves drinking together late into the night, you will wind up being the one who texts all your dog’s ex girlfriend’s and/or former leg hump lovers. So good luck with all that.