With the royal wedding behind us in the ancient past, we, the internet are turning our attention to our other favorite couple: Michael James Schneider and his boxed wine boyfriend, Franz. Or rather, fiancé, Franz.

Remember when that Portland artist made a boyfriend out of boxed wine boxes after a rough breakup (with a human boyfriend)? Well, they’ve taken things to the next level. According to Schneider, who made an announcement on Twitter last week, Franz proposed with a crowd of friends as witnesses.

“Little did I know, Franz had called my friends to surprise me! They surrounded us just as he knelt down and proposed, and of course I said yes,” Scheider told the Huffington Post. “The ring is beautiful, too!”

Said ring is a small cardboard disc cut out from a box that says, “press here.” So romantic!

Michael and Franz even had a photographer on site, Cole Keister, who captured the engagement beautifully.

“Our love is just like anyone else’s love,” Schneider says. “What’s really annoying is when strangers come up to us in public and ask, ‘Which one’s the ‘man’ and which one’s the ‘person-shaped entity made of boxes of wine mysteriously brought to life?’, and I’m, like, ‘Those aren’t the only two genders, Linda!’”

Back off, Linda.