The shower beer is one of the better ideas to grace this earth, and the thought extends to a shower glass of wine or a shower Manhattan. After a while, one learns to synchronize the time it takes to shower with the amount of time it takes to finish their preferred shower drink before it gets warm.

Now you can do more than drink while you bathe. You can full on bathe yourself in liquor — sort of. Buffalo Trace Distillery recently partnered with grooming company Duke Cannon Supply Co. to release a bourbon soap called Big American Bourbon Soap. Duke Cannon already sells its Big Ass Beer Soap, which is a collaboration with Old Milwaukee, but this is its first venture experimenting with whiskey.

First off, don’t worry about your post-shower aroma. You won’t step out of the shower smelling like you’ve just returned from a bourbon-fueled bender. The soap exhibits an oak barrel scent and contains actual bits of corn, which allegedly exfoliate and scrape away dead skin. While the soap does contain Buffalo Trace bourbon, Duke Cannon Supply Co. acknowledges that while they don’t know if bourbon has any benefits for skincare, it certainly makes almost everything else better.

Big American Bourbon Soap is two to three times larger than the average bar of soap, which may justify the price. The Single Barrel (one bar) sells for $9.50 and the Four Finger Pour (four bars) sells for $30. So next time you bring a tumbler of Buffalo Trace bourbon into the shower, you can compliment it with Buffalo Trace Bourbon Soap.