DogHouse Hotel
Photo via BrewDog / IndieGoGo

A beer spa, a hot tub filled with IPA, a beer fridge specifically designed for shower beers, and a bedside beer tap of BrewDog’s flagship Punk IPA. No, this isn’t some twisted, beer-soaked fantasy. It’s just a few of the perks that’ll be included in The DogHouse, “the world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel,” in Columbus, Ohio.

BrewDog has been making headlines recently for things like trying to gamble $50 million of investor cash, making a 55 percent alcohol by volume beer in Ohio, and instituting a “paw-ternity leave” for new puppy parents. This beer hotel might be the most exciting thing the company’s ever done, though.

“We just launched our new craft beer brewery in Columbus Ohio, and to make it the beeriest place on earth, we’re launching the world’s first craft beer hotel on site,” the IndieGoGo campaign for the hotel reads. It’ll be right alongside the new sour beer facility, and around 10 miles from Columbus, Ohio. The designs for the hotel are expected to be finished by June of 2017, and they want to have the hotel operational by the end of 2018.

doghouse features
Photo via BrewDog / IndieGoGo

Total cost for hotel and sour beer brewery: $6 million. That’s where the public comes in.

BrewDog set a modest campaign goal of $75,000 (it’s raised $60,134 at the time of writing with a month left) and is offering perks such as free minibars, tours, and $100 discounts on hotel rooms when everything is up and running. That’s far from the amount they’d need to get everything finished, but it is a good way to gauge and garner public interest.

“Provided we hit at least our minimum raise on IndieGoGo, we have the balance of fund required in the profitability of the business to launch as per our timeline,” the campaign says. Few other details are offered. Does it really matter how they pay for it, though? So long as it happens, there will be a lot of happy beer drinkers out there.

“Forget Disneyland,” the campaign suggests. “This is the new happiest (or hoppiest) place on Earth.”