With the stress of the ongoing pandemic, a visit from the “booze fairy” may just be the answer to quarantine woes — or so think the residents of a town in New Jersey.

Over the past months, residents of Lincoln Park, N.J. have been “dusting” their neighbors, leaving baskets of booze and other treats on their doorsteps. The Lincoln Park Booze Fairy group was started by two local moms, who came across a similar group on Facebook, and decided to start their own.

“There was a lot of debate in Lincoln Park about what was going on with the schools,” one of the moms, Jamie Laubshire, told NorthJersey.com. “People were fighting over whether it was a good idea to send the kids back or not. I thought we needed something to unite everyone and bring the moms together.”

Credit: Jamie Laubshire
Credit: Jamie Laubshire

Neighbors can join the group and leave comments with their favorite drinks and treats. Someone else in the group then chooses a lucky household to be “dusted” with a boozy basket. The “dusted” then performs the role of “fairy,” paying the good deed forward to someone else in the group. And so the cycle continues.

In July, about 190 baskets were left by the generous fairies, according to NorthJersey.com.

The New Jersey fairy isn’t the first to appear throughout the coronavirus crisis. In May a “wine fairy” was leaving similar baskets of wine and drinks throughout Maryland.