Now would be a great time to receive an uplifting visit from Santa, the Tooth Fairy, or the Easter Bunny. But for one state, shelter in place circumstances have invited an even better visitor.

Over the past week, the “wine fairy” has made several appearances in counties across Maryland, according to CBS. Do-gooders have dressed up in fairy outfits and other costumes, leaving alcohol on the doorsteps of neighbors and friends.

Most have dropped off wine, though some fairies have gifted beer. All of the fairies have left something even more important: cheer and optimism.

Credit: Olivia Torrence / CBS Baltimore

The wine fairy movement started with the creation of the “Sisterhood of Traveling Wine” Facebook group in Hartford. The group wanted to deliver wine to others during lockdown, and the “wine fairy” concept soon took flight. Additional Facebook groups formed, and aspiring fairies joined the cause, organizing fairy missions to deliver wine and cheer across Maryland.

Here’s to hoping the “wine fairy” continues to take flight and to visit other states besides Maryland. Everyone could use a wine fairy godmother right about now.