A cool new product named Draft Top may be the bar gadget you never knew you needed.

The tool, which was recently fully funded on Kickstarter, is the world’s first can opener specifically designed for beverage cans. Draft Top removes the entire inner aluminum top of a can, essentially leaving the can topless.

The Draft Top team say that topless cans enhance a beverage’s aromas and make it easy to add fun garnishes, such as a lime wedge to a Corona can or a celery stick to tomato juice. The inventors also say the tool is environmentally friendly, since it eliminates the need for plastic glassware.

Draft Top can be used on a variety of can sizes ranging from 8 to 19 ounces and also works on hard seltzer cans, canned wine and cocktails, and energy drinks. The product is currently in production and is expected to be available beginning early 2020.

If you’re curious to see Draft Top in action, the company has posted a video on its Kickstarter site.

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