Few things beat drinking on the beach. Doesn’t matter what it is — a Corona and lime, a piña colada, sauvignon blanc, whatever — having a sip in the sand is pure bliss. Until your drink spills. Enter the Beach Glass: Your beach drinking savior.

The Beach Glass is a cup placed on top of a stem that is perfectly designed to be stuck into the sand (or the snow or the grass, for all you non beach people out there). It’s reusable, so no more wastefully Solo cups, and it’s plastic, so no more picking which beach to go to based on which beaches allow glass. Basically, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted in a beach drinking vessel.

Say goodbye to digging little cup holders in the sand, only to have them ruined every time you get up for a dip in the water. Speaking of water, these cups float. Yes, float. So pool parties just got taken to a whole other level.

“The Beach Glass was created as a reusable alternative to enhance the shared experience at the beach and forever replace those unsightly, disposable plastic cups that litter our beaches and parks,” the website reads.

What you sacrifice in normal table use, you make up for in overall beach life improvement. Welcome to the future of beach drinks.