Amazon is taking over the world, and its next conquest is high-end whisk(e)y.

The online retail giant released its first exclusive single malt whisky, a 19-year-old Bowmore aged exclusively in red wine barriques from Bordeaux’s Chateau Lagrange, available in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and Japan, Forbes reports.

According to, just 4,500 bottles of the Bowmore Scotch have been released. The 700-milliliter bottle, at nearly 49 percent ABV, is selling on Amazon for £129 (about $165). Both Bowmore and Legrange are owned by spirits giant, Suntory.

Bowmore distillery manager David Turner said this is the first time the distillery has offered a whisky of this age and maturation.

While this is also the first exclusive Amazon whisky release, it isn’t the first time Amazon has dipped its claws into Scotch. The e-commerce behemoth is also the main online retailer for the Johnnie Walker Game of Thrones blend, Forbes reports.

Will Amazon start distilling its own spirits? Only time, and our addiction to convenience, will tell.