Wondering how to get through the long week between Christmas and New Years?

Aldi has a plan.

Already the mastermind behind Chocolate Prosecco and Almond Nog, next up on the supermarket chain’s holiday release list is a sparkling wine calendar for that pesky little week after Christmas. The calendar continues what has now become a tradition for Aldi, with 2020 marking the chain’s third bubbly calendar release.

The seven-day, seven-bottle advent calendars come with mini bottles of Prosecco, sparkling Chardonnay, sparkling rosé, and more. Unfortunately, ChocoSecco did not make the lineup, so fans will have to try their luck further down the wine aisle. But with seven different 187-milliliter bottles to choose from, wine lovers will have plenty of bubbly to console them.

On Wednesday, Aldi announced via Instagram that the sparkling wine calendars would start retailing in select Aldi stores the next day. Lucky shoppers who spot the limited edition release in time can bring it home for just $24.99.

This is a great discount on the $69.99 price tag of last year’s Aldi advent calendars and means more money in your pocket for the things that matter most — namely, more wine.