Finally, the perfect wine for people who don’t like wine. Aldi, the famed retailer of award-winning wines sold at bargain-basement prices, has announced its next seasonal venture: ChocoSecco.

The chocolate Prosecco will be released on Nov. 25, and will retail for $6.99 at participating Aldi stores. The drink promises to combine the “sweet and rich taste” of chocolate in light, bubbly form. Marketed as a holiday release, it’s unclear if chocolate-loving oenophiles will be able to enjoy the wine year-round or only through the holiday season.

For some, the new sparkling wine makes perfect sense. Southern Living simply asks: “What pairs really well with a glass of Prosecco? Chocolate.” With this logic, it was bound to happen eventually.

Aldi first shortened the commute for Prosecco-loving chocoholics last year, with ChocoSecco first making its way onto shelves around December. But the release was only available for a few weeks. This year, the brand seems to be preparing for strong sales, following the success of summer hits like bottled mimosas and its Mango Moscato.

With the threat of another lockdown looming, it’ll be interesting to see what people fill their quarantine-cellars with. Imagine the surprise on your friends’ faces when the limited-edition bottle you pop during a Zoom happy hour is a 2020 vintage ChocoSecco.