In 2023, we are definitely living in the height of luxury air travel experiences. It seems like each high-end airline is trying to one-up the another with insane in-flight drinking experiences, and airports continue to remodel and elevate their dining options.

One airport bar that has emerged at the front of the pack is the 28/10 Whisky Club, tucked away in Terminal E’s Senator Lounge at Switzerland’s Zurich Airport. The club’s name is actually a play on the airport itself, according to Whisky Gospel: Runways are numbered for their compass bearings, and the club backs up to one that lies at 280 and 100 degrees — hence the name 28/10.

This elusive bar might be one of the most exclusive whiskey experiences in the world, so let’s walk through the hoops you would need to jump through to get there.

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First of all, you would need to be flying internationally in or out of Zurich, a city already known for its hefty price tag. You also would need to specifically have a first-class ticket for a flight run by either Swiss Airlines or Lufthansa, or have Star Alliance First Class or Gold status. Once you’ve found the Senator Lounge in Terminal E, you have the chance to belly up to the illustrious whisky bar — if you’re there between the hours of 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.

If you have followed all of the above steps, congratulations! You’re in. Whisky Club 28/10 customers have access to over 200 whiskeys completely for free. Yes, the lounge is complimentary for the first-class passengers who make it inside, allowing its patrons to taste a range of whiskeys that includes rare bottles of Scotch, Japanese Whisky, and more — many with significant age. Those who have visited this legendary bar recount tasting impressive bottles of Lagavulin 12 Year and Single Malt Miyagikyo, and the bar has a curated selection of Swiss whiskies for those looking to explore more local products. The modern design, quality pours, and friendly, knowledgeable service are sure to beat just about any other airport bar (and its mediocre pre-flight Martinis).

The best way to see if the selection and experience live up to the hype? Book a first-class ticket to Zurich and see for yourself.