If you care about wine, you’ve probably noticed that when you go to a restaurant, red wines and whites come in different-shaped glasses. There’s a huge industry built on the idea that different wines — down to the varietal, in some cases! — need differently shaped glasses to show their true colors.

While there is something to be said about the science and craftsmanship behind a well-made glass, researchers suggest that some of it is more placebo than science. While wine will show better when served out of a proper glass, the intricate details as to shapes and sizes is actually more of a marketing scheme than science. While you can have different glasses and they can serve a purpose, a lot of the different kinds of glassware is form over function in truth. Also — they are expensive!

Here’s the thing. If you don’t have the budget or the space for multiple sets of glasses, or just don’t believe they are necessary, there is a perfect universal solution.

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If you really only need to own one set of wine glasses, there are a few criteria that you’ll need filled. First and foremost, you’ll want to focus on the shape of the glass. A proper wine glass will have a vertical shape; the bottom of the glass should be larger than the opening so as to concentrate aromas. You’ll also want the glass to be large enough to hold a sufficient amount of wine, yet still be able to swirl comfortably — which leads to the next point: The glass should have a stem. Also, the glass should be crystal clear, so as to not taint the pigment of the wine. Glasses should also be properly cleaned after use, preferably over steam, then dried with a soft towel.

The Best Universal Wine Glasses

Regardless of red, white, or grape variety, this set of four wine glasses is truly the only set of universal glassware you’ll ever need. Made in Germany with lead-free crystal, this Spiegelau Universal glassware is perfect for any wine-drinking session, no matter what the occasion may be. Sleek, chic, and best of all, affordable, these glasses are the perfect stemware for anyone looking for their first set of wineglasses.