Wine 101: Terms: Négociant

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If you’re in the wine world in any capacity, you’re going to hear the word “négociant.”

This term — a job title, really —is a unique word in the wine industry. For a long time, it was extremely important. Today, it’s not quite as relevant but still holds gravity.

A négociant is basically a wine merchant. The term originated in France, and it’s mostly tied to Bordeaux since there was so much wine being made there. Négociants would buy up the wine supply — grapes, must, or wine — and bottle it to be sold under their own labels.

Today, a négociant isn’t really a part of the American wine market. It’s a very European term. The good news? You can enjoy great European wine from famous places at a fraction of the cost thanks to négociants. It’s a way for Americans to explore new wines, affordably.

Tune in to learn about some of Keith’s favorite négociant brands and what to look out for.

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