How Rosé Wine Is Made

Inspired by one of VinePair’s most popular site sections, the Wine 101 podcast takes an educational, easy-to-digest look into the world of wine. This week’s episode is brought to you by Fleur de Mer Rosé. Each sip of Fleur de Mer Rosé engages the senses with bright fruit notes, crisp acidity, and a cleansing dry finish. Meaning “flower of the sea” in French, this famed wine provides a true taste of Provencal rosé wine.

Welcome back to Wine 101. In this episode, VinePair tastings director Keith Beavers dives into the origins of rosé, its meteoric rise in popularity, and how it’s made using red wine grapes. Beavers outlines the major techniques behind rosé vinification, including short maceration, saignée, and direct press.

Also in this episode, Beavers explores some of the historic and anecdotal stories surrounding rosé wine, from French royalty, to post-Prohibition drinking habits in the U.S., to the accidental creation of White Zinfandel in California. These rosé-related events have culminated in the widespread love of “blush”-colored wine, a beloved refreshment during warm summer weather.

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