From the Stone Age to the Iron Age, we’ve watched the grapevine travel from east to west, last leaving off with the Phoenicians setting up shop in Carthage. After that, the Phoenicians ventured back east, establishing bases in Malta, western Sicily, and even Spain. Then, the Greeks stepped in.

There are a few running theories regarding the exact moment when the Greeks first interacted with wine, but we know that they became obsessed with Phoenician culture in the 8th century B.C. Unfortunately, the Phoenicians and the Greeks didn’t get along, but quarrels aside, the Greeks embraced viticulture with full force. By this point, wine was more than just a safer alternative to water — it was an integral part of religion, class systems, trade, and the economy at large.

On this episode of “Wine 101,” our wine origin series comes full circle as we see Phoenician culture inspire the Mediterranean and, of course, the Greeks. Tune in for more.

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