After the Canaanite land shrunk down to what is now modern-day Lebanon and the coast of southern Syria, the Canaanites became known as the Phoenicians. Being a largely coastal civilization, the Phoenicians started cultivating grapes and olives along the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Eventually, they sailed off to the island of Crete where they spread the gospel of the grapevine. Archaeological evidence on Crete’s southern coast tells us that the Phoenicians taught locals how to grow grapes and stomp them out in bathtubs, thus creating wine. However, all of this was but a preamble to the pivotal moment when winemaking finally made it to Greece, which we’ll dive into next week.

On this episode of “Wine 101,” we see the Bronze Age make way for the Iron Age as the grapevine begins to travel beyond its previous limits and bounce around from Crete to Carthage. Tune in for more.

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