Choosing a Halloween costume is not a simple task. You can’t just choose one on a whim because there are a ton of implications that could come with that getup, and it’s up to you to live up to the expectations of your costume.

Better yet, it’s extremely important to know what you should be drinking while beautifully rocking your costume you spent ~so~ much time on. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re here.

Witch – The Sassy One

What To Expect: A true classic. There’s not a costume more iconic than a witch and those donned in this costume own this fact. They’re ready to stir the cauldron with their sassy silver tongues and aren’t afraid of the consequences because if anything goes awry they’ll jump on their broom and escape.
What They’re Drinking: White wine — probs Chardonnay tbh.

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Harley Quinn – The Basic One

What To Expect: Admit it, Harley Quinn, while it may be the costume of 2016, you’re going to be a single fish swimming in an ocean of Harleys all claiming to be “Daddy’s Little Monster.” Make sure to take a good squad picture.
What They’re Drinking: A simple vodka cocktail of the cotton candy variety.


Wonder Woman – The Intense One

What To Expect: The party don’t start ‘till Wonder Woman walks in and she’s there to bring justice with a splash of good times. Get ready for someone who’s going to get super-competitive at all of the games and lasso up all troublemakers.
What They’re Drinking: Spiked Cider with a shot of cinnamon whiskey.


Batman / Superman – The Beer Bros

What To Expect: When Batman and Superman come together at the party they’re prepared to fight in a flip cup competition like no other and trust us, it’s gonna be ~lit~.
What They’re Drinking: Tons and tons of session beer.


Pirate (Male & Female) – The Super Drunk One

What To Expect: Why is the rum always gone?? Oops, our bad. Bringing a bottle of rum with you all started as a costume accessory but then took a turn for the worse. Better plan to pass on captaining the ship home and call an Uber instead.
What They’re Drinking: A rum punch that could instantly turn them into a fire-breathing pirate.


Disney Princess & Prince – The Drunk In Love Couple

What To Expect: Once upon a time, there was a prince and a princess who happened to show up to the same Halloween party. Their eyes met across the dance floor. However, they teasingly looked away. As the night went on, glances were exchanged but neither had the courage to make the first move. It wasn’t until a group of “sexy animals” pushed them together that Cupid’s arrow finally struck.
What They’re Drinking: Pinot Noir


Vampire & Countess – The Sultry One

What To Expect: At the party, always be wary of vampires because they are just a bunch of thirsty bitches. They’re worse than a bunch of Tinder dates gone wrong and they only want you for your blood. Don’t trust them.
What They’re Drinking: A dark Cabernet Sauvignon to swirl as they laugh maniacally.


Pun Costume – The Obnoxious One

What To Expect: I’ll admit there are some really good pun costumes out there that deserve a gold medal, but a lot of them are overdone and a stretch. Cat burglar? Really? Hope you’re ready to spend the entire night explaining your costume.
What They’re Drinking: A super complex fall sangria you’ll also have to explain to people.

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Star Wars Rey & Finn – The Deep Conversation Starter

What To Expect: You’re the one at the party who uses your costume to spark a conversation, sometimes one that stretches a little too long. But you can’t help it! How could you seriously not talk about how awesome Rogue One looks?? Just try to keep it under 14 minutes.
What They’re Drinking: A limited release, seasonal, craft brew that they just have to tell you about.


This Is My Halloween Costume” – The Total Downer

What To Expect: I get it, not everybody is into dressing up. It can be expensive, seem ridiculous, whatever the excuse is — believe me, we’ve all been there. That said, do not think you can show up to a Halloween party wearing a shirt like this and be good to go. No, that’s lame as hell. DIY something out of the clothes you already have. Go as a “Ceiling Fan.” LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE.
What They’re Drinking: Lukewarm PBR and a piss-poor attitude.


Hillz & Donald – The Arguing Couple

What To Expect: Let the debates continue. If you’re at a party with a Donald Trump and a Hillary Clinton be prepared for some fighting words to be said. Perfect opportunity to make this party an in-person drinking game.
What They’re Drinking: Just shots. Literally anything on hand.


A Career That Was Somehow Made ‘Sexy’ (Male & Female) – The Rated R Couple

What To Expect: A la “Mean Girls,” Halloween is the one day of the year when everybody gets to look provocative as hell and nobody will second-guess it. If you’re going sexy, you’re known for being the ones at the party who can drop it low like no others and maybe go a little too overboard with those handcuffs.
What They’re Drinking: Whatever they confiscated from the host’s fridge earlier.


Clown – The Locked Up One

What To Expect: With all of the clown drama going on (at an international level at this point) it would be extremely wise to avoid a clown costume this Halloween. Seriously, do not do it because you will most definitely end up sober being escorted into a cell with your name on it.
What They’re Drinking: They lost their booze privileges. #StopKillerClowns2k16