The Perfect Drink for Every Workout Routine

What You Should Drink With Your New Workout Routine

Come January and we’re all in the same boat. Most resolution makers begin to take up some form of workout routine. Whether you’re an avid gym-goer all year long or simply a person succumbing to the peer pressure of friends, new goals tend to be set in some way, shape, or form. But let’s be real for a minute: After a long day at work, we’d definitely rather be at our local watering hole than putting miles down on the treadmill. Here at VinePair, we’re all about the health benefits of drinking, including the ways in which drinking actually helps your exercise habits. We’re also all about the reward system; after accomplishing your new, intense workout routine, you deserve a drink! We’ve compiled a list of drink pairings for each of your newfound physical activities, because we’re all a little more motivated when there’s a treat involved.

Zumba – Sangria

If you’re choosing Zumba class, you definitely love to get down and shake it. When we think of dancing, we immediately think of sangria. It’s juicy, refreshing, and sure to power you through all of your hip-shaking moves. You’re basically the real-life red dress girl emoji!

Yoga – Tequila Sunrise

Like tequila sunrises, yogis are generally up with the sun. They are sweet, colorful, and start the day on a positive note. No one’s ever felt bad after a sunrise, be it tequila or yoga based.

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Boxing – Rum Punch

From punching bag to punch bowl, your KO goes perfectly with this drink (though too much, and you’ll find yourself KO’d on the floor.)

Pilates – White Wine

If you’re a Pilates doer, you’re sure to have mastered the corkscrew move, both on the mat and off. Take that ab-burning to move to the kitchen and apply it to your favorite bottle.

Rowing – Dark & Stormy

Because the only thing we think of when we think of rowing is that Ryan Gosling scene in “The Notebook” where he canoes his love to shore. Rowing has forever been equated with dark and stormy days, at least in our minds.

Running – Beer

Whether track or treadmill, there’s nothing more refreshing after a long run than an ice cold beer. Replenish your burned carbs, quench your thirst, and savor your favorite pint. You earned this.

Weight Lifting – Tequila Slammer

Throw this cocktail back with the force that you throw those dumbbells onto the floor after a heavy set and you’ll be slammed in no time.

Swimming – Pina Colada

No matter where we are, when we’re swimming, we imagine that we’re doing so in the tropical waters of the Caribbean. What’s a more quintessential vacation beverage than a pina colada? Plus, swimming burns the most calories of all workouts, making it perfect for combatting the astronomical amount of calories in this frozen treat.

Spinning – Vodka Shots

Because they’re certain to get your head spinning faster than your personal RPM record.