7 Drinks That Pair Perfectly With S’mores

The Seven Best Drinks to Pair with S'mores

Whether you’re five years old or 75 years old, everyone loves a good s’more. Bittersweet chocolate topped with gooey marshmallow wedged between two crunchy graham crackers — need we say more? In the same way s’mores are enjoyed by an array of audiences, they are also capable of being enjoyed nearly any time of year. Whether it’s around a summer bonfire, cozied up by the fireplace in winter, or huddled around all your flannel-clad friends in fall, it’s never not a good time for this delicious dessert.

Now that we’re adults, we get to drink alcoholic beverages with our s’mores. So what should you be drinking with these scrumptious, sandwich-like treats? We’ve rounded up the seven best s’more and alcohol pairings for all of your gooey goodness. Toast your marshmallows and your drinks with one of these seven delicious pairings.

Tawny Port

Unlike the fruit-forward richness of its ruby relative, tawny port develops all of those delicious oxidative characters that we love in aged port: caramel, nutty plum, and dried fruit, to name a few. The nutty caramel notes in tawny port perfectly complement the grainy graham crackers.

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Chocolate/Coffee Imperial Stout

Whoever said beer and s’mores don’t go together is entirely mistaken. While we don’t recommend pairing your s’more with a good old Natty Light, the savory flavors of a coffee stout are heavenly with the creamy marshmallow. Chocolate stouts are also a deliciously fun beer pairing for melty s’mores..

Irish Coffee

Is there never not a time for Irish coffee? A gooey s’more paired with an extra-strong Irish coffee next to a cozy fireplace is our idea of a heavenly winter’s night. Cream and brown sugar in the brew will add a sweet touch, though a simple coffee-milk-whiskey combination also does the trick.

Baileys on the Rocks

During warmer seasons, we don’t necessarily crave a piping hot cup of Irish coffee while already sweating around a summer bonfire. The solution? Baileys on the rocks! It’s essentially all the flavors of Irish coffee in a pre-made bottle. Simply pour over ice and enjoy.

Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

The tart, berry flavors of Chambord are a heavenly accompaniment to the bittersweet chocolate inside your s’more. If the Chambord itself is too potent, pour half an ounce into a flute and top the rest with Champagne. It’s a wine and s’mores pairing good enough for royalty.

Spiked Hot Chocolate

Spiked hot chocolate is one of our favorite guilty pleasures in winter. The bittersweet flavors of the hot chocolate beneath a cloud of whipped cream both complement and play off the bitter dark chocolate and creamy marshmallowy goodness of s’mores. Check out our favorite Red Wine Hot Chocolate recipe here.

S’mores Martini

Looking to pair s’mores with your s’more? No problem! Check out our favorite S’mores Martini recipe, courtesy of Hungry Couple NYC. This hassle-free recipe incorporates all of our favorite dessert-flavored liquors alongside melty chocolate and a dash of cream. Plus, the imitation martini-olive skewer made of marshmallows is super-cute for entertaining.