Drink Pairings for All Your Favorite Star Wars Characters

It’s that time of year. No, not the holidays, although for this Star Wars geek, I would say the holidays came early. Like, December 16th early. The new film, Rouge One: A Star Wars Story is here! This weekend I saw it in IMAX 3D, plus twice more in the lesser formats. Yep, I’m that weirdo.

Speaking of weirdo, I am also a shameless wine geek, and I couldn’t help but wonder what each character in the franchise would order if I were to sit down with them for a drink.

Han Solo

Han Solo

I mean obviously I would share a Barolo with the likes of that lazy, grinning Han Solo. He would enjoy knowing that the wine of his planet Corellia would be of similar ilk with the hills of southern Piedmont in the foothills of the Alps. It would be even better if I had smuggled said Barolo out of someone else’s wine cellar.

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Princess Leia

Princess Leia

If I was sitting with Princess Leia we would definitely be sharing a well chilled Gewurztraminer with all of its lychee tinge and peppery pear notes. They would remind the Princess of her lost home planet’s high elevation and mountainous terrain.

Luke Sywalker


Her bro Luke would probably join and sip with us cuz he’s a righteous dude, but he would no doubt long for a Spanish Priorat, contemplative like him, full bodied and brooding, with notes of dark berries and balsamic.

I mean obvi.

But now there are new heroes in my life. So what would I like to share with the Rouge One crew? It’s actually not all wine, if I’m being really honest here.

Jyn Erso


Jyn does not play. She has a focus and drive that holds no time for contemplation. With her quick wit and rapid strategic planning, it’s a bottle of whiskey and hard planning through the night. And not your top shelf amber. I am talking about calling up Matthew McConaughey, ordering a bottle of Wild Turkey, and burning the midnight lamp one dram at a time, because the mission is tomorrow.

Cassian Andor


Cassian doesn’t play. But he is the contemplation to Jyn’s rapid thought. He’s the devil’s advocate to her confident left turn. This guy is all southern French red wine. I’m thinking Cote Du Rhone. Again, nothing high end; these are ragtag rebels after all. An affordable, medium-bodied, robust yet slightly contemplative spicy red is what we’d be sipping on while listening to his commentary as Jyn hashes plans.

Chirrut Imwe


This guy is a blind warrior who believes in the Force. Jedi don’t really indulge in wine or spirits, and they do a lot of meditation. So I would join Imwe on a solitary landscape on a high rock sipping THC infused Sencha green tea and I’m out.

Baze Malbus


Rebel warrior and mercenary as well as Chirrut’s best friend and guardian is a different story. Baze would let his bud Imwe go meditate while he found a spot to sip on a fine bottle of Mezcal: smokey, subtly sweet, and probably lifted from a nearby cantina.

Bodhi Rook


Former Imperial pilot turned rebel, this guy would have a refined palate from his days with the empire. Rook would probably have the likes of a Bordeaux stuffed in his duffle, smuggled from some high ranking Imperial general’s stash. He would drink this high end bottle on the sly, not wanting to share, at least not yet. Trust is earned both ways in Bodhi’s eyes.