You wouldn’t necessarily go to a doctor who doesn’t have a medical degree for your yearly checkup, but would you source your wine knowledge from a professional without a certification? For a period of time, wine certifications — like those from the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) — were all the rage. Today, with an increased number of industry wine professionals in prominent positions sans certifications, who do these programs actually benefit? Moreover, who is it that actually cares about these certifications?

There’s also the cost to consider. With most programs running hundreds or thousands of dollars, do these programs only further promote the idea that wine is exclusive and elitist? And who seeks to profit from people signing up? At the end of the day, these certifications are businesses seeking to return value to those who own them.

Today on the “VinePair Podcast” in response to a recent VinePair article entitled “Did I Waste My Time and Money on Wine Certifications?,” Adam, Joanna, and Zach discuss whether or not these certifications are worthy pursuits. Tune in for more.

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