When someone bellies up to the bar to order an Old Fashioned, the bartender will, at most, ask them if they have a bourbon preference. The simple order won’t inspire an onslaught of questions about the customer’s experience and familiarity with the cocktail. Unfortunately, the situation isn’t the same for guests confronting wine store clerks.

It’s tough to say if it stems from insecurity or an urge to educate, but we’ve found that wine professionals are prone to offer unsolicited advice to consumers who come into a shop knowing what they’re looking for. Are these retailers actually trying to guide consumers in the right direction, or are they just trying to flex their WSET certification?

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam, Joanna, and Zach talk about a frustrating issue with wine sales and service, where professionals attempt to talk customers out of buying the wines they’re interested in, and whether that comes from a lack of experience, poor training, or just snobbery. Tune in for more.

Joanna is drinking: Fat Ass in a Glass
Zach is drinking: Paul Brady Wine “Melody Harlow”
Adam is drinking: Campari Spritz with Champagne

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