The grocery store can be an overwhelming place when it comes to looking for a great bottle of wine. With such a massive selection often chosen at a corporate level, most of what is stocked comes down to purchasing agreements with distribution companies looking to move merchandise without a lot of labor. Thus, the majority of bottles in the wine aisle are popular picks that stores are confident will sell, so finding a bottle with a high degree of nuance can be a challenge, especially without someone there to assist you.

Today, in response to a listener question, Joanna and Zach discuss the current state of wine in grocery stores and why selections in supermarkets differ so much from wine-specific retail operations. The two also consider the consumer experience of shopping for wine in each establishment, and how the two often contrast with one another. Plus, with such an array of options at the grocery store, is it even possible to find a good bottle? If so, how? Tune in for more.

Zach is reading: For the Booze Brands of Yesteryear, Signature Cocktails Were the Key to Success
Joanna is reading: ‘B to the E’: Remembering Budweiser’s Failed ‘Energy Beer’

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