Last week, the VinePair team headed to Bar Convent Brooklyn to take the pulse of current trends in the industry. They noticed several themes — from the persisting love for everything Italian to the continued dominance of the Espresso Martini. Prompting the question: Can the world’s growing interest in coffee-based drinks be expanded to other types of cocktails, or will brands try to position themselves within the existing Espresso Martini template?

The dance with the devil that is caffeine and alcohol in the same glass is nothing we haven’t seen before. The Vodka Redbull still holds a special place in club culture, and dumping a shot of “whatever” into a Starbucks coffee is the age-old gold standard of “hair of the dog.” However, neither of those drinks holds the same air of class that the Espresso Martini has been able to manifest. Maybe it’s the fancy glassware, the frothy head, or its signature coffee bean garnish. Or perhaps it’s the fact that the cocktail has more than just two ingredients. Regardless, its staying power suggests that there’s room in the world for more coffee cocktails. They just need to be creative.

On today’s episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam, Joanna, and Zach debate the long-term viability of the “wake me up, f*ck me up” bandwagon. Will the Espresso Martini reign supreme, or will we start to see new coffee cocktails break the mold? Tune in for more.

Joanna is drinking: Tequila Negroni
Zach is drinking: Cazadores Ranch Water RTD
Adam is drinking: The Lemon Teeter at Corner Bar

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