VinePair Staff Reviews Prophecy’s Standout Wines

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Tasting the wines of Prophecy is like taking a trip around the world. When our team of tasters at VinePair was sent the wines for review and analysis, we were immediately struck by the compelling labels, ones that make wine enjoyable and approachable, but upon tasting the wines we were equally impressed by their deliciousness. Tasty examples of the grapes they represent, the liquid inside each bottle is transportive, whisking you away to sunny California when it comes to the refreshing Buttery Chardonnay and decadent Pinot Noir, the French Riviera when opening the bright rosé, the Italian Alps when twisting off the cap of the fresh-tasting Pinot Grigio, or to the coast of New Zealand when sipping the delightful Sauvignon Blanc.

When taken as a whole, these are wines that are great examples of how delicious these grapes can be. When reviewing each of the wines, we were pleased by their approachability and ease. These are wines that will become go-tos when tasked with bringing a bottle to a host, for that last-minute night in, or for getting together with good friends.

Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc, Marlborough, 2019

The wine has vibrant aromas of grapefruit, freshly cut grass, pineapple, with lemon-lime refreshment. Hailing from the Marlborough region of New Zealand, which has become famous worldwide for high-quality Savvy B, Prophecy Sauvignon Blanc should become your new go-to from this region. It’s perfect for anyone who already loves this style and also is fantastic for converting those who are new to the variety. This wine would be great for hanging out by the pool, and it’s a great way to liven up your weeknights.

The one thing to know: Open this bottle and enjoy a glass to learn what all the fuss it about when it comes to Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand

Perfect For: Poolside, beach sipping, holiday tables, gifting a gracious host

Style White
Variety Sauvignon Blanc
Vintage 2019
Appellation Marlborough
ABV 12.5%

Prophecy Buttery Chardonnay, 2018, California

The wine reminds us of an apple turnover or fresh apple pie topped with salted caramel ice cream. You get the savory buttery notes from the caramel, but the acidity of the apples lifts the palate and keeps it light-bodied with a refreshing style. The wine would be nice with roast chicken but is versatile enough that it would also pair well with buttery popcorn or a bowl of vanilla ice cream. It’s perfect for movie night any time of the year, but would be especially delicious in fall when apple pie season kicks off.

The one thing to know: A buttery Chardonnay that is light-bodied with a refreshing style while still delivering all the classic Buttery Chardonnay aromas and characteristics.

Perfect for: Movie night, savory dinners, or desserts

Style White
Variety Chardonnay
Vintage 2018
Appellation California
ABV 14.7%

Prophecy Pinot Noir, California, 2019

Not your average Pinot Noir, this is a wine that will appeal to both those who prefer lighter-bodied reds as well as those who prefer their reds a bit heavier in body and style. The wine smells like cherry vanilla cola and foraged blackberries. Delicate on the palate but with a great concentration of flavor. Ideal for relaxing after work or kicking off a BBQ. Stick some pork chops on the grill and you’ll love this combo.

The one thing to know: The full-bodied Pinot that is perfect for an every-night sipper.

Perfect for: Backyard BBQ, relaxing after dinner, home-cooked meals

Style Red
Variety Pinot Noir
Vintage 2019
Appellation California
ABV 13.8%

Prophecy Rosé, Vin de France, 2019

Smells like strawberries on a summer evening, topped with lightly whipped cream. Subtle layers of aromas entice you to take a sip. When served cold you’ll continue to be drawn to the glass. Visualize southern France with this red-berry-driven wine. It’s perfect for those warm summer evenings, relaxing outdoors, or any coastal or poolside sipping.

The one thing to know: A rosé for all seasons that will please a crowd.

Perfect for: Summer evenings, anywhere there’s water

Style Red
Variety Rosé
Vintage 2019
Appellation Vin de France
ABV 11.5%

Prophecy Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, 2019

This wine smells like freshly sliced green apples and lemon zest combined with a refreshing mineral style — think of the aroma of a clean, cool mountain spring. Enjoying a sip is like taking a bite from the perfect pear: It’s fruity, mouthwatering, and lingers on the finish. Enjoy with a hearty salad made with the freshest ingredients, a grilled chicken sandwich, or simply enjoy with friends on a casual afternoon.

The one thing to know: This will become your go-to Pinot Grigio

Perfect for: Summer afternoons, weeknight dinners in, picnics, dinner parties

Style White
Variety Pinot Grigio
Vintage 2019
Appellation Delle Venezie
ABV 12.5%

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