Many of you reading this will currently be looking outside at driving snow, or sub-zero temperatures, or both. While no drink can truly make up for such dismal conditions, a cocktail that could transport you to more tropical climes might at least ease the pain a bit. Enter tiki: Once relegated to the dustbin of fad cocktails alongside the worst excesses of the 1980s (looking at you, Fuzzy Navel), a new generation of bartenders and bars has made tiki cool again.

So what is it that makes tiki special? Hell, what exactly IS tiki? To get to the bottom of this burgeoning trend, Adam and Zach spoke with “Captain” Brian Miller, the man behind New York City’s massive new tiki bar The Polynesian. From tiki’s origins in the rum dens of the South Pacific to the crazy characters who popularized it the first time around, it’s a conversation about piracy, breaking the rules, and why you should please God stop stealing the mugs from your local tiki bar.

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