The VinePair Podcast: The Future of Tequila With GALLO’s Britt West

Can tequila’s meteoric rise be stopped? In the past 20 years, total sales of tequila and mezcal have grown nearly 300 percent. As the unofficial start of tequila season kicks off, we’ve got some questions about what the future holds for this agave darling.

And who better to look into the crystal ball than Britt West, executive vice president and general manager of spirits at GALLO? With decades of experience in the spirits industry, he’s got some ideas on where tequila’s long and winding road may lead.

On this episode of the “VinePair Podcast,” Adam Teeter asks the hard questions: How important is additive-free tequila to consumers? Is there an international appeal? How do RTDs factor into all this? All this and more, and it’s right here. Tune in for more.

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This podcast is sponsored by Spirit of Gallo.