Patio Season Is Here – Celebrate with a Botanist Collins [Video]

As the first signs of sunnier days emerge, toast to the new season with The Botanist Collins. Like a dressed-up lemonade, this cocktail is made with just four ingredients – simple and refreshing. Notes of lemon sing on a canvas of 22 wild, hand-foraged botanicals. These botanicals lend The Botanist a variety of flavor profiles from citrus to herbal to floral and more. For an expert pour, NYC-based mixologist Isabel Tulloch walks us through how to shake or stir The Botanist Collins to perfection. Fresh, seasonal garnishes complement the flavor profiles in The Botanist; customize yours to suit any warm weather soirée, from a picnic in the park to happy hour on the patio.

Video by: Marshall McDonald

Photos by: Scott Semler

This video is sponsored by The Botanist.