During these chilly winter months, what’s better than curling up in your favorite wool sweater at a cozy bar and sipping on a mug of mulled wine? Nothing, in our opinion. We’ve rounded up a list of the 10 best bars across the country for mulled wine sipping, ranging from quaint coffee shop feels to Prohibition-style speakeasies.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Driftwood Room

Portland – Driftwood Room

The ambiance of this 1950s-esque lounge will transport you and your mulled wine back into a Mad Men-like scenario of mid-century madness. Dim lighting and a glamorous vibe will make your mulled wine experience feel just a tinge more spicy.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via The Radler

Chicago – The Radler

For a variation on mulled wine, head to The Radler in Logan Square for its mulled wine and rye cocktail. This German beer garden-style bar has a laid back vibe, with lots of open space and plenty of fluffy pretzels and spicy sausages to pair with your drink. A perfect Saturday afternoon spot.

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The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Petit Robert Bistro

Boston – Petit Robert Bistro

This French wine bar is the perfect location for a mulled wine at brunch. The omelette parisienne and croque madame make great mulled wine pairings, though simple viennoiseries are equally (if not better!) paired. The spicy smoothness of the mulled wine is the perfect accent to the chilly Boston winter.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Cana Wine Bar

Denver – Cana Wine Bar

This welcoming and charming joint is the perfect place to sip some mulled wine while watching the snowflakes fall. At only $5 per mug, you really can’t go wrong. We recommend taking it out back to the fire pit on the patio. Pair with a savory cheese plate or delectable charcuterie board

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via The Summit

Pittsburgh – The Summit

Perfectly situated on Mount Washington, this cocktail bar is ideal for your mulled wine fix, with various cheesy options like Gouda mac & cheese and goat cheese fritters for pairing. With board games and no TVs, the bar promotes an atmosphere of quality time with friends and loved ones.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Frances

San Francisco – Frances

This cozy San Fran joint is the ideal setting for mulled wine sipping. Its take on the drink is smooth and spiced — perfect for a gloomy day. Pair with the chickpea fritters or, even better, the renowned bacon beignets with maple creme fraiche — they live up to the hype.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Osteria Morini

New York – Osteria Morini

This SoHo spot, done up in brick walls and hanging picture frames, gives this Spring Street staple a homey and quaint feel. The mulled wine is made of Sangiovese, citrus, vanilla, and red pepper — adding a little kick to the glass.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Knee High Stocking

Seattle – Knee High Stocking

This speakeasy-style setting of dim lights and light jazz music is an ideal backdrop for an evening of mulled wine sipping. Grab a spot at the bar and drink your way back to the 1920s, but don’t come hungry. Nuts and olives are basically what’s available in terms of noshing.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Tryst

Washington D.C. – Tryst

What sets Tryst apart from most other mulled wine spots is its cozy coffee shop vibe. With abundant plush couches and free internet, you might be here for awhile. And if you’re meeting friends who aren’t in the mood for booze, it’s not a problem. They can order a lavender hot chocolate and share a slice or raspberry ricotta cheesecake.

The Ten Best Bars With Mulled Wine
Photo via Nightingale

Minneapolis – Nightingale

What pairs better with mulled wine than small plates and tapas? With three separate menus for snacks, small plates, and bruschetta, there’s something here for every size hunger. We recommend pairing your mulled wine with the french fries with malt vinegar aioli or one of the three bruschettas.