What To watch this week

It’s a new month, and you know what that means: A whole bunch of new movies coming to everyone’s favorite streaming services! Technically, the scariest day of the year happens on a Monday, but everyone knows the real party will have already happened. But if you feel like you missed out, there are some good scary movies coming out a month late.

If you’re spooked out, like us, there are plenty of other options. There’s even a full movie series or two coming out all at once for your binging pleasure.

Here are the best new things to watch the first week of November, and what to drink while watching.

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1. “The Heartbreak Kid”

The life of a hopeless, unlucky and lying romantic is a hard one. Ben Stiller’s character goes from troubled relationship to troubled relationship and lie to lie. Then he gets stuck in Cabo. Raunchy, funny and slightly stressful. Drink pairing: Cadillac Margarita.

2. “Thinner”

The king of horror — Stephen King, of course — doesn’t disappoint with “Thinner”. It’ll make you think about how you treat people and what you put in your body. Drink pairing: strawberry moonshine (or strawberry wine if you can’t get your hand on any moonshine) to go with that strawberry pie at the end.


1. “Good Will Hunting”

Matt Damon’s classic is one not to miss. And if you’ve already seen it, you’re probably ready to see it again. But if you really want to understand and enjoy it, don’t drink anything too heavy. Drink pairing: cheap beer, college-style.

2. “Rounders”

Easily the most underrated movie in Matt Damon’s oeuvre. It’s about gaming the system, counting cards and sticking it to the man (the illegal man). Drink pairing: New York’s Widow Jane Whiskey — just don’t drink so much you get inspired to play (and lose) some poker yourself.

3. The Classic James Bond Movies

A whole slew of Bond movies is coming to Hulu, from “Die Another Day” to “Live and Let Die.” You’ll want to carve some time out of your week for this one. Drink pairing: Vespers all day.


1. The Classic Batman Movies

If you were disappointed by “Batman v Superman,” you’ll want to wash your mind out with some good Batman. “Batman Returns,” both of the Dark Knight movies and “Batman and Robin” are coming, plus more. Drink pairing: Champagne. Just ’cause Bruce Wayne avoids the fancy alcohol he should be drinking doesn’t mean you have to.

2. “All The President’s Men”

“All The President’s Men” is the story of America’s favorite journalists. They took down Richard Nixon, ruined the name of Watergate, and subsequently started the whole “-gate” suffix. Drink pairing: the Potomac Punch from the Watergate Hotel’s drink list made with Mount Gay Rum, molasses, pineapple and coconut.

3. “Old School”

Will Ferrell at his finest. Go back to college and try to get on that frat lifestyle with “Old School”. You won’t be disappointed revisiting this movie. Drink pairing: a keg of Keystone Light or Natural Light.