Southwest Airlines announced Feb. 4 that it intends to bring booze back to most flights for the first time since March 2020. The initial suspension was extended in May 2021 after a surge in unruly, disrespectful passengers.

Starting Feb. 16, beer, wine, rum, tequila, and vodka will be available for purchase on Southwest trips more than 176 miles long. The airline will also be expanding its non-alcoholic offerings, including tonic water, apple juice, Coke Zero, Dr. Pepper, hot tea and cocoa.

“Customers have expressed a desire for more beverage options, so we’re delighted to restore additional on-board offerings as a part of the Southwest hospitality that our customers know and love,” Tony Roach, Southwest’s vice president of customer experience and customer relations, said to CNBC.

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This announcement has amplified tensions between Southwest and the 16,000 members of its flight attendants’ union, who are claiming this move is “unsafe and irresponsible.” 2021 had the worst record for unruly passenger behavior, with the Federal Aviation Administration doling out $161,823 in fines to passengers for alcohol-related incidents.

Southwest is not the only airline to resume in-flight alcohol consumption in recent months. United Airlines started serving hard liquor in November 2021, while Delta Airlines resumed its beer and wine services for first class and Delta Comfort+ passengers in July 2020, and expanded the offering to its main cabin in April 2021.