If you’ve ever consumed an egg white cocktail, you understand the appeal. The silky foam head raw egg whites create, resulting from adding and shaking them in a cocktail mixer, is simply hard to replicate.

Of course, the main reason we drink egg whites in cocktails is that these drinks are delicious to consume. And while it’s never 100 percent safe to drink or consume any egg that’s raw, the risks of consuming egg whites in cocktails are extremely minimal. That’s because current food safety regulations require most chickens to be vaccinated against salmonella. So, for the most part, you’re good.

The only time you’re at risk is if there is any salmonella present on the outside of the shell, which is why bartenders are very careful to make sure the shell is clean before cracking the egg and separating the white from the yoke.

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If you happen to be at risk, or just generally don’t like the idea of raw egg in your drink, there are a few alternatives, including chickpea water, also known as aquafaba, which is the water you find in that can of chickpeas sitting in the back of your pantry. It’s a great vegan alternative and works in the same way as egg whites: You add the water to the drink and shake, creating a foam. However, many feel it isn’t as luscious and silky as the foam you get from eggs. So unless you’re vegan or nervous, stick to egg whites — you’ll be fine.