2019 was, unquestionably, The Year of Hard Seltzer.

Despite predictions to the contrary, to date this year the fizzy and boozy juggernaut shows no signs of going flat. Predicting the future for hard seltzer is tricky, especially as some of the largest beverage companies on the planet enter the market with their own versions, raising questions about what will happen to some of the pioneers in the category: Can they learn from the mistakes of the original spiked seltzer, Bon & Viv? And with so many new ingredients and iterations, how exactly do we categorize and talk about hard seltzer going forward?

That’s the topic on this week’s VinePair podcast. In this episode, Adam and Zach are joined by new co-host and VinePair’s new Editor-in-Chief Erica Duecy, as well as Staff Writer Tim McKirdy, to cover the meteoric and as-yet-unchecked rise of hard seltzer.

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