When it comes to Mexico, the two libations that get the most attention are beer and tequila. You might hear about mescal now and again, especially in urban areas. But the one alcohol that is almost always left out is wine. In fact, most people probably don’t even know that you can make wine south of the border. But you can! And it’s actually pretty good.
Pavo Real Red Wine 2012
Enter Pavo Real, the easiest Mexican wine to find on the American market. Pavo Real grapes are cultivated in Valle de Guadalupe, Baja California, Mexico, an area where wine has been made since the Spanish first arrived in the 16th century. Recently coined “the new Napa,” this region has become a major destination for food and drink. So the next time you’re having tacos, consider a wine from Mexico.

The 2012 Red is juice in a bottle. The nose is immediately hit with ripe red fruit and the wine is pleasantly easy-drinking and smooth. This is that perfect $10 bottle you bring to a party to start a conversation and enjoy with friends. And hey, if not everyone likes the wine, they can always put it in their Margarita.

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