6 Party-Ready Classic Cocktails That Never Go Out of Style [Infographic]

Though the days of backyard barbecues and impromptu beach trips are far behind us (for now), there’s still plenty of cold-weather fun to look forward to. 

When hosting, choosing which cocktail to serve is integral to throwing a soirée guests won’t soon forget. To keep things simple, opt for a tried-and-true classic cocktail. 

Timeless and straightforward pours like the Campari Negroni or the fashionable and rich SKYY Espresso Martini are excellent crowd-pleasers. If you’re throwing a party and want guests to have options, a mix of lighter, citrusy drinks like the Grand Margarita and cozy cocktails like the Wild Turkey 101 Old Fashioned may be best. And, of course, nothing conveys an easier, breezier attitude when catching up with friends than an effervescent Aperol Spritz.

Classic drinks never go out of style. As you wait out the winter, keep this chart handy when contemplating which drink suits your party needs best. 

Party-ready classic cocktails that never go out of style
Infographic by Danielle Grinberg