Wellness trends come and go, but pasta is forever. Whether it’s a quick weeknight supper, indulgent feast, or Hail Mary hangover remedy, there is no wrong time to pick up one’s fork and embrace la dolce vita.

Among the many excellent pasta-centric restaurants debuting across the United States (we see you, Felix Trattoria in L.A. and Lilia in Brooklyn), we are especially taken with Manhattan’s Don Angie. Opened in October 2017, it promptly became one of the city’s hottest tables, thanks in part to its multi-colored pastas and lasagna built for two.

We asked Damien Good, Don Angie’s general manager, to create the ultimate guide to pairing our favorite pasta dishes with wine. Whether you’re a linguine-with-clams loyalist or lifelong rigatoni fan, Good’s pairings will keep hearts happy and glasses filled.

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Illustration by Mara Kiggins.