New RumChata Coconut Cream Is Vacation in a Bottle

For those counting down the days until you can trade your snow boots for sandals and daydreaming about saltwater and sunscreen, we’ve got good news: RumChata’s latest release, Coconut Cream, serves summertime in a bottle. Combining the brand’s iconic Caribbean Rum and Wisconsin dairy cream with warm-weather-approved coconut, this cream liqueur transports imbibers beachside with every sip.

RumChata Builds on Staple Cream Liqueur Success

The original RumChata delivers on its name, offering a spiced Caribbean rum-forward flavor combined with Mexican spice and Wisconsin dairy cream that tastes reminiscent of a boozy mug of horchata. The other flavors in RumChata’s portfolio, Peppermint Bark and Limón, evoke visions of holiday treats and refreshing-tasting citrus, respectively.

In classic RumChata fashion, the latest addition delivers the unusual.

“Fans of RumChata actually associate the brand with the tropics, which is pretty unique for the cream category,” says Brandon Lieb, Spirit of Gallo vice president. “Most people think about the cream category and they think about sitting by the fire on a winter’s night with a blanket and a book.”

Not so with Coconut Cream. Spirit of Gallo decided to give the people what they want, capitalizing on the association with island time and cat naps in the sun. RumChata’s eye-catching bottles and free spirit reinvent the cream category, and the emphasis on the Caribbean rum in Coconut Cream makes it easy to envision drinking it seaside — no puffer jackets or wool sweaters here.

RumChata Coconut Cream invokes daydreams of afternoons spent lounging on a rooftop and tiki-themed parties. This liqueur is light, quaffable, and ideal for any summer celebration. It’s easy to enjoy, whether as a shot, chilled, or on the rocks. “One of the beauties of this product is that we already know that rum, coconut, and cream go incredibly well together,” Lieb says. “The combination of flavors works, and the result is something that we’re super excited to bring to the market.”

The outcome? A cream liqueur that delivers a vacation in a glass, no matter how far away the nearest beach is.

How to Enjoy RumChata Coconut Cream

While developing Coconut Cream, the team at Spirit of Gallo made a not-so-surprising discovery: RumChata Coconut Cream went well with almost everything. Though that wasn’t necessarily the intention, it was certainly a pleasant coincidence. Like its older siblings, the original RumChata, Peppermint Bark, and Limón, this variation of the cream liquor tastes delicious no matter how it’s consumed, whether that’s shots, on the rocks, or as a mixer.

From mixing it in a mug of hot coffee to adding it to your favorite spirit, the liqueur combines seamlessly with a variety of flavors. If you’re looking to expedite summertime sensations, give The Easy Pirate a try. Made with two parts RumChata Coconut Cream and one part spiced rum, this easy-drinking cocktail makes for a great signature serve at your next backyard barbecue or picnic in the park. For more fun and inspiring ways to utilize Coconut Cream, be sure and check out RumChata’s recipe page. 

For those who prefer a simple serve, Coconut Cream is more than ready to deliver. “I’m a bit of a purist,” Lieb says. “I love my RumChata chilled or on the rocks. To me, if you’ve got a good combination of flavors as we do, there’s no need to add anything to it. It can stand up on its own.”

No matter what your ideal summer looks like, be it poolside, lakeside, or parked in front of your air conditioner, RumChata Coconut Cream is the perfect complement to any vacation — even if it’s just a state of mind.

This article is sponsored by RumChata.