The 10 Most Instagrammed Bars in the United States

If you didn’t take a picture of that gorgeous drink you found at that amazing bar, did it even really happen? Maybe, but who’s to know for sure? Rather than take the risk, it’s best to be safe and post it on Instagram like 700 million-plus other people around the world do every day.

New York City and the Los Angeles area reign supreme when it comes to the most Instagrammed locations in America. And a fair number of those pictures are taken at, in, or near bars, restaurants, and restaurant bars.

Instagram is the most narcissistic and contrived social media platform out there — and that’s why we love it. Especially when drinking. Instagram looked at the data for the most geotagged restaurants in 2016 (published in Cosmopolitan), and we’ve pulled together the top locations that are just as much about the bars as the food.

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Here it is: The most Instagrammed bars in the United States, a.k.a. your newest travel destination guide.

Sugar Factory, New York City

This isn’t your average bar. Sugar Factory is a candy shop, restaurant, and bar that brings you back to your childhood with Instagram-ready cocktails filled and garnished with candy. Maybe take a toothbrush along with you.

TAO Downtown, New York City

Bottoms up. Get over the hump with the Shiso TAO-Hito tonight.

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TAO has everything you need for your night all in one location. It’s a restaurant, desert, bar, and club (complete with a fish pond). TAO brings grandeur, which brings Instagrammers.

LAVO, New York City

It’s the perfect day for some #FROSÉ! Enjoy one on this beautiful afternoon @LavoNY 🌞

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Another restaurant-nightclub combo. And why not? Food and club — what else could the Instagram-loving crowd want?

La Marina, New York City

Was it Plato who said the un-Sangria’d Sunday is not worth living? 🤔🍷

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Upper Manhattan’s summer-only drinking dock is perfect for cocktails with a view. Let the sunset sangria ‘grams flow forth.

Perch, Los Angeles

Happy Holidays! Perch will be open 4pm – 2am this Thursday 12/24 for Christmas Eve, see you soon

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L.A. doesn’t have skyscrapers like New York does, making rooftops the place to be for the best views of downtown. French small plates, craft cocktails, and enough photo spots to fill a whole feed.

The Abbey Food & Bar

West Hollywood’s most recognizable and famous gay bar features four bars and go-go dancers.

Sugar Factory, Miami

Sugar factory’s milkshakes brings all the Tumblr wanna-be’s to the yard

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Deja vu? Nope. The Sugar Factory has multiple locations, and the Miami spot joined the list of most Instagrammed along with the New York location. Side bonus: Miami’s Sugar Factory is on the beach.

Beauty & Essex, New York City

Your night starts here 📍

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You don’t simply walk into Beauty and Essex. The spot is only accessible through a secret entrance inside a pawn shop. Once you get in, though, it’s 10,000 square feet of restaurant, drinks, and club.

Salsa Con Fuego, New York City

Escape Manhattan and head to the Bronx for Latin dishes, dancing throughout the week, and specialty cocktails.

Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth, Texas

It’s not always all about the coasts. Billy Bob’s delivers when you want a Texas time with a huge honky-tonk, indoor rodeo, and country music. Also, there are literally dozens of bars.