Welcome to the cult of Trader Joe’s, where unique products and cheeky merchandising come together for an iconically delightful grocery experience.

The chain hooks customers with its zany, out-of-the-box offerings (hello, Everything But The Bagel Seasoning!) and keeps them coming back with everyday pantry staples at affordable prices. Its extensive wine collection, including the legendary Two Buck Chuck, offers a global selection for budget-conscious shoppers.

First launched in Pasadena, Calif., in 1967, the chain now covers 43 states with numerous grocery and wine outlets. Its thousands of famously friendly employees offer customers assistance and lively conversation.

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It all started with the chain’s namesake: Joe Coulombe, a lover of adventure with a taste for international cuisines. The grocery store’s tiki-inspired branding and uniforms are based on the tropical restaurant chain Trader Vic’s, according to Reader’s Digest. And yes, that’s the same bar that incubated the El Diablo.

Trader Joe’s unique strategy involves a rotating, limited-edition stock; under-performing items are regularly replaced by new innovations, compelling visitors to quickly snatch their favorites before they potentially disappear. Instead of name-brand offerings, nearly all items on Trader Joe’s shelves are private-label and alluringly inexpensive.

With over 500 stores nationwide and an endless rotation of food and beverage selections, there’s always something new to discover at the beloved retailer. Read on to discover the number of Trader Joe’s locations in your home state!

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