Pancakes are one of the most comforting breakfast foods around. When the craving for a fresh, hot stack arises, many Americans turn to none other than the International House of Pancakes, better known as IHOP. The diner specializes in breakfast foods and is beloved for its large variety of pancakes — from traditional buttermilk to specialty flavors like cupcake and tres leches.

The restaurant first began serving up its hotcakes in 1958, when brothers Jerry and Al Lapin founded the establishment in Los Angeles. To distinguish their restaurant from others, the pair settled on an A-frame style building with a distinctive blue roof. As the franchise grew, this architectural structure became its signature design.

With fun offerings like the Rooty Tooty Fresh ‘N Fruity — first introduced in 1985 — and homey breakfast platters, IHOP quickly became cherished as a weekend staple for American families. Today, the chain can be found in neighborhoods and highway rest stops across the country.

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Whether you’re craving a short stack or are just in the mood to embrace nostalgia, an IHOP may be closer than you think. Read on to see which states have the most IHOP locations, and find the one nearest to you!

The Number of IHOPs In Every State [Map]

The Number of IHOPs by State

State Number of IHOPs
California 221
Texas 213
Florida 146
Georgia 86
Virginia 67
New York 60
Maryland 53
North Carolina 50
New Jersey 49
Illinois 45
Arizona 42
Colorado 36
Tennessee 35
Ohio 34
Oklahoma 34
Washington 33
Kansas 31
South Carolina 31
Louisiana 30
Missouri 30
Michigan 28
Pennsylvania 28
Indiana 27
Nevada 24
Massachusetts 22
Utah 21
Alabama 16
Arkansas 16
New Mexico 15
Mississippi 13
Oregon 13
Wisconsin 13
Kentucky 12
Iowa 11
Connecticut 9
Minnesota 8
West Virginia 8
Delaware 7
Idaho 7
Nebraska 7
New Hampshire 6
Hawaii 5
Rhode Island 5
Alaska 4
Maine 4
Montana 4
North Dakota 2
South Dakota 2
Washington, D.C 2
Wyoming 2
Vermont 1