The Number of Five Guys in Every State [MAP]

While there is an abundance of fast food options out there, Five Guys has always stood out among the pack thanks to its hand-formed burgers and fresh-cut, peanut oil-cooked fries.

Jerry and Janie Murrell opened the chain’s first location in Arlington, Va., in 1986, naming the restaurant for their five sons. In early 2003, the family began offering franchise opportunities, and within just 18 months, the business sold options for more than 300 new locations. Thirty years later, Five Guys now operates 1,700 locations worldwide and is still expanding. But which U.S. state is most dedicated to Five Guys fandom?

California leads the pack with 123 locations within its borders, while Florida and New York round out the top three. (We’re giving the Empire State bonus points since one of its Manhattan locations houses an upstairs speakeasy.) The chain’s home state of Virginia is going strong with 76 locations, and in the entire nation, only one state has no Guys to speak of (sorry, Alaska).

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Where does your state stand? Check out the map below to see which states love Five Guys the most.

The Number of Five Guys by State [MAP]

The Number of Five Guys by State

State Number of Five Guys
California  123
Florida  121
New York 91
Virginia 76
Texas 71
Pennsylvania  66
Ohio 64
Maryland 60
Georgia 58
New Jersey 51
Massachusetts  47
North Carolina 45
Illinois 41
Michigan 37
Arizona  34
Tennessee 34
Indiana 33
South Carolina  33
Washington 33
Colorado 30
Alabama 29
Missouri 26
Connecticut  25
Minnesota  23
Oregon 21
Utah 18
Wisconsin  17
Kansas 15
Kentucky 15
Louisiana  15
New Hampshire 13
Oklahoma 11
Iowa 9
Nevada 9
Delaware 8
Idaho 8
Mississippi 8
Arkansas 7
Maine 7
New Mexico 7
Washington, D.C.  7
North Dakota  6
Rhode Island 6
West Virginia  6
Montana 5
Nebraska 5
Hawaii 3
South Dakota  3
Vermont 2
Wyoming  2

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